Need for Speed Movie Review

Need for Speed (Header)

Need for Speed is a by-the-numbers video game movie that won’t satisfy anyone who loves cars, video games, movies or good taste. You’d think that the most surprising thing about the Need for Speed movie adaptation is that it took …

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Top 10: Best Casual Games

Angry Birds (Header)

Who needs intimidating mechanics and hard to master gameplay where you could play some casual games? Millions of players certainly feel that way and while I love games that challenge me in different ways, there are certainly times when I …

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Capcom Classics Remixed Review

Capcom Classics Remixed (Header)

Capcom Classics Remixed for the PSP is Capcom’s attempt to try to capitalize on the success of classic franchises and luckily, this is a solid collection that players who have any appreciation for the games of yesteryear will love. Developers …

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Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls (Header)

From Software’s Dark Souls is a modern masterpiece that breathes new life into the action RPG genre. The coast seems clear, there’s not an enemy in sight and deep down, I know I can pull this off. But as I …

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Wipeout Pure Review

Wipeout Pure

If you like futuristic racing games that are all about breakneck speed, varied weapons and flashy tracks, this portable take on Wipeout will not disappoint. The Wipeout series has always been one of the most distinctive racing game franchises ever …

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EVO: A Documentary Review

EVO - A Documentary (Header)

EVO: A Documentary paints a clear picture of what participating in the Evolution Championship Series feels like from the perspective of a professional player. For some people, the Evolution Championship Series (or EVO for short,) which is an annual fighting …

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