DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC - Devil May Cry (Header)

This reboot is a loud and electrifying hack-and-slash game that exudes personality and is always fun to play. Over the years, the Devil May Cry series has had its high and lows. What started as a Resident Evil game, mutated into a 3D hack-and-slash Gothic adventure that felt challenging and …

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Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs (Header)

Sleeping Dogs is a terrific crime open-world with an electrifying combat, a compelling story and fresh ideas that make the genre feel entertaining once again. During the PlayStation 2 era, Activision published a series of Grand Theft Auto clones known as True Crime. There were only two games in the …

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SSX Review

SSX (Header)

If you missed the “Snowboarding, Surfer and Motocross” mantra from the classic SSX, this reboot will suffice, but some of the new elements obscure the vision established by its predecessors. SSX, the wacky, fast-paced snowboarding franchise from the PlayStation 2 era is back in the form of a gritty reboot …

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Soulcalibur V Review

Soulcalibur V Header

Although a competent fighting game, Soulcalibur V misses more than it hits due to its poorly explained story and the removal of fan-favorite characters. Soulcalibur used to be the king of weapon-based fighting games, but ever since the third entry in the series came out, the franchise declined in popularity. …

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Top 10: Fighting Game Crossovers

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe The Joker Sonya

I love it when two dissimilar franchises or universes are mashed together in a fighting game because that’s something that wouldn’t make sense in any other genre. If we think about it, most fighting games are all about gameplay and competition and everything else is secondary, including a story. Below …

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Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV Wallpaper

Saints Row IV is such a fresh open-world game that I don’t think I can go back to the traditional formula established by its predecessors. Over the years, the Saints Row franchise has gotten a reputation of being a wacky Grand Theft Auto clone and while there’s an element of …

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