Sonic Rivals 2 Review

Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals is a sad reminder that Sonic has seen better times. Sonic Rivals took some of the most iconic elements from the Sonic formula and applied those to a racing game and the result of such unique concoction was …

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Sonic Rivals Review

Sonic Rivals (Header)

A lot of people are not convinced that the Sonic formula works anymore. But even if it’s possible to make a great Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic Rivals isn’t it. Time and time again, we’ve seen Sega release a plethora …

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Silent Hill Movie Review

Silent Hill (Header)

If like horror movies and you’re willing to watch something different, Silent Hill won’t disappoint. Despite the obvious similarities between the two franchises, I don’t think the Silent Hill series of video games shouldn’t be compared to Resident Evil so …

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Top 10: Best Film Noir Games

Heavy Rain

For those unfamiliar, film noir literally means “black film” and the term refers to movies that are edgier, darker and more sinister types of crime dramas. Some of the main characteristics of the genre include cynical attitudes, a sense of …

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Bloodrayne Movie Review

Bloodrayne (Header)

Bloodrayne isn’t even straight-to-DVD level of quality. Straight-to-garbage-bin would be more accurate. I vaguely remember action adventure game Bloodrayne. I know that the game took place in The United States, Germany and Argentina and that you played as a female …

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Alone in the Dark Movie Review

Alone in the Dark (Header)

Everyone involved in this movie shouldn’t be allowed near a camera for the rest of their lives. There are several reasons why people watch movies: films have artistic merit, they have entertainment value, they transport you to a magical world …

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