Rock Band 3 Review

Rock Band 3 Wallpaper

Thanks to the inclusion of new instruments, pro mode and a solid soundtrack, Harmonix crafted one of the best rhythm games ever made, as well as one of the best titles of its generation. How do you improve the Rock Band formula? The numbered games on the series brought plastic …

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10 of the Best Hack and Slash Games

Transformers Devastation Robots

There’s nothing as satisfying as a varied and entertaining action game where you can combine attacks to defeat minions and demons as gracefully as possible. Although hack-and-slash is a term that originated in the pen and paper role-playing game era (such as Dungeons and Dragons,) over the years the phrase …

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Metro: Last Light Review

Metro - Last Light Wallpaper

Metro: Last Light is a bold and ruthless post-apocalyptic adventure. Metro 2033 delivered a tense, exhilarating and horrifying first-person shooter experience thanks to strong voice acting, an involving story and an obscure vision of the future. It wasn’t without its problems, but the survival horror first-person shooter showed a dark …

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

Enslaved - Odyssey to the West Wallpaper

Enslaved is a vividly detailed post-apocalyptic action-adventure with an electrifying setting, expressive characters, mature storytelling and thrilling setpieces. Most people are familiar with the story of Journey to the West in some form or another. This classic mythological novel is set in a fantastical version of China and follows three …

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Syndicate Review

Syndicate Wallpaper

Syndicate is a creative first-person shooter that uses its futuristic setting and breaching abilities to create some memorable moments. Set in the year 2069 where there’s 15 billion people and most of them have chip implants inside their heads, Syndicate puts you in the shoes of augmented agent Miles Kilo …

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