Final Fantasy V Review


Even if you choose it over the clearly superior Game Boy Advance version, Final Fantasy V on the PSone is a JRPG worth playing. Each Final Fantasy game from the main series added something new from a gameplay perspective: some games included the active time battle system, others changed the …

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Top 5: Best Wii Light Gun Games


Due to its motion controls, the Nintendo Wii was home to several light gun games. The possibility of playing these type of shooters without having to buy some expensive attachments or additional controllers (though you could definitely still do it) made the Wii one of the best platforms when it …

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Halo 4 Review


Halo 4 is a great addition to the franchise and a terrific first-person shooter that stands well on its own. After the end of Halo 3, developer Bungie was done with the series, but Microsoft was left with one pressing question: where do we go from here? After all, Bungie …

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Mario Kart Wii Review


Although it’s easy to be excited about a new Mario Kart, the Wii version is a by-the-numbers sequel that feels safe. There have been several entries in the Mario Kart series for both home consoles and portable systems and each of those games has brought something new to the formula. …

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Top 5: Video Game Remasters


It seems like a new remaster or re-release is coming out every week, but while it’s extremely easy to be cynical about releasing the same game with a couple of new improvements, there are some fantastic remasters out there. Apart from the obvious visual overhaul, developers can also fix problems …

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Gears of War: Judgment Review


While this prequel delivers an entertaining and action-packed campaign, as well as some traditional and new multiplayer modes, the overall package feels woefully unimpressive. Back when the first Gears of War debuted in 2005, the third-person shooter felt refreshingly unique even if some of its parts were seen before (the …

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Resident Evil: Revelations HD Review


Resident Evil: Revelations has what previous games in the main series lacked: direction and confidence. Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations is considered one of the best spinoffs in the survival horror series. So much in fact, that seeing the popularity of the episodic portable game, developer …

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Dead Space: Downfall Movie Review


Downfall is a horrific movie, but in all the bad ways possible. The original Dead Space was a revelation not only for third-person shooters, but also for horror games. What the game achieved in terms of atmosphere, creative enemies and tense soundtrack didn’t cease to amaze for the 12 or …

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