Wipeout Pure Review

Wipeout Pure

If you like futuristic racing games that are all about breakneck speed, varied weapons and flashy tracks, this portable take on Wipeout will not disappoint. The Wipeout series has always been one of the most distinctive racing game franchises ever …

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EVO: A Documentary Review

EVO - A Documentary (Header)

EVO: A Documentary paints a clear picture of what participating in the Evolution Championship Series feels like from the perspective of a professional player. For some people, the Evolution Championship Series (or EVO for short,) which is an annual fighting …

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Daxter Review

Daxter (Header)

Daxter is a fantastic platformer and one of the best titles you can play on your PSP. By the time we reached the PlayStation 2 era, console mascots stopped representing brands, but that didn’t prevent Sony from treating the Jak …

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Crysis Review

Crysis (Header)

Despite some omissions and a few technical issues, the Xbox 360 version of Crysis is a terrific way of experiencing this game if you don’t have access to a PC. Once every a generation, a title comes along that sets …

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Broken Age Review

Broken Age (Header)

In a way, Broken Age is the best and worst adventure game. As a general rule, most reviewers like to stay away from trailers, let’s play videos and of course, other reviews before getting to play a specific game, since …

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LocoRoco Review

Locoroco (Header)

LocoRoco has some terrific ideas, but some flaws (a short campaign, a forgiving difficulty and boring extras) prevent the creative PSP game from tilting my world. Here’s the pitch for a new game: it takes place in a distant planet …

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