Rumors about Telltale developing a new “The Walking Dead” game

According to the popular website 1UP, the developer Telltale is now working on a video game based on the comic book and television series “The Walking Dead”. Not only that, but the company will also announce five (wow!) new multi-platform titles in an upcoming event. Many websites received an invitation for it, which will take place in San Francisco in mid-February. Apparently one of those games will be “based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it.” The statement describes the television show quite vaguely and we shouldn’t jump into conclusions just yet, maybe eventually we’ll find out that they are mainly working on Jurassic Park, but it would be amazing to know that they are also developing a game based on zombies.

The Walking Dead TV series is based on an Image comic book and appeared on AMC channel last year (October to be more precise) becoming one of the most critically acclaimed and watched shows, so it would be a great idea to release a video game based on the franchise soon. Let’s hope that the report is true and wait for an upcoming announcement.

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