Diablo III to Feature Online Auction Houses

Blizzard has been revealing some details about Diablo III, the most recent being a lore book to be released with the title. Still, the company also announced that they will be introducing a trading system that’ll work as an auction house. The decision is probably going to cause controversy, but also represents a safe way of trading and selling in-game items.

According to the company (and confirmed by GameSpot) , players will be able to use either in-game gold or real world money to buy or trade certain items, but apparently there will be two different houses: one that is going to be gold-based and the other will be currency-based respectively. Additionally, items can be sold from a shared storage (which includes all player’s character classes on Battle.net) or from a character’s inventory. Sellers will be charged a fixed fee (still unrevealed) for the transaction for each item and Blizzard will be the one collecting these fees. The company also said that they won’t be posting any items as the feature is meant to be used by players only.

Another interesting new functionality is called “smart search” and it allows sorting out items to match a specific criteria. According to producer Jay Wilson, players will be able to use the auction house once their characters have reached level 10 and those who play in “Hardcore mode” will only be able to use gold-based auction house considerably limiting their options, but definitely making the game much more difficult.

The currency-based auction house will be divided into different regions and each one will represent a currency. Up to now these are the featured regions: North America, Europe, Asia and South-East Asia.

Apart from this, it has been confirmed that the game will use a constant online connection regardless of the mode somebody chooses to play in. Blizzard says that this adds more security to the stored characters and a player can keep it forever if they want to. Wilson also said that if a connection fails while playing, the in-game punishment won’t be that hard unless you are playing on “Hardcore mode.” In that case the character is lost forever…

Finally, a banner system was also included to show achievements and different symbols will be used to represent their completion during the game. Diablo 3 release date remains to be announced but wait more news about the title soon.