Video Game Theater – Bioshock Movie Trailer

For a while, there were many rumors which suggested that a Biochock film adaptation was going to happen and even though Take Two officially confirmed a deal with Universal Pictures, the film was put on hold because of problems with the budget. Eventually, the director (Gore Verbinski who also worked on the animated film Rango) said that he was no longer involved with the project, but the film continued to be on pre-production stage. The movie still suffered from problems related to its limited budget and now, nobody is quite sure of its future and many sources suggest that the project is dead.

In any case, creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games Ken Levine, has stated that the BioShock franchise may not necessarily benefit from a movie. Additionally, it seems like there are many independent filmmakers and fans who really want this to happen like the team who developed this movie trailer. This preview may lack special effects and doesn’t really hint many details about the plot itself, but the soundtrack is more than appropriate.

Let’s hope that we can see more from the people who worked on this project.

Editor’s note: No additional information about the trailer was provided on its official YouTube channel.