Kojima Working on a New Open-World Title

Recently, it was revealed that Platinum Games (a Japanese-based independent company who has developed titles such as Madworld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta, Vanquish and the upcoming Anarchy Reigns) will also be in charge of Metal Gear Rising in collaboration with Kojima Productions. Apart from that, the future of the Metal Gear series is pretty much uncertain as Rising (now called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) was the last officially announced project in the franchise. A while ago, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was released, but other than that title, there haven’t been any games in the series for a long while. Although there definitely is certain uncertainty with the franchise, Hideo Kojima is apparently busy working on a new project.

Allegedly, this new title won’t be similar to any game that he has previously worked on and linearity will be eradicated. In a recent interview with CNN, Kojima stated that “The kind of game I’m making is some game that has a very wide entrance, a very open entrance,” the Japanese developer said. “Rather than making something very cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free.” His open-world structure approach to this new title is in fact quite interesting as he has been one of those developers who has established the basis for stealth-action games with the Metal Gear series, but those titles didn’t let players roam around and explore the different environments.

The only things we know about this upcoming game, which is tentatively called Project Ogre, is that it apparently uses Kojima’s latest graphics engine known as Fox that originally debuted in June 2011 and it allows both transfarring and will be multiplatform. Back at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Kojima said that he was researching and experimenting with different ideas and after the success of modern (and western) classics, it seems natural that Japanese developers start creating nonlinear games.

This report also says that players will be allowed to explore the world freely and that they are going to find new things even after having played the game for a hundred hours. Additionally, Kojima has also shown interest in making Metal Gear Solid 5 and a new Zone of the Enders, though a more formal announcement hasn’t happened yet. Finally, even though Kojima Productions is collaborating with Platinum, he’s the executive producer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Note that the image attached to this article has been taken directly from Kojima’s official Twitter account and the screenshot intends to demonstrate what the new engine is capable of. I’m pretty sure many people have multiple opinions about the setting, character and quality of the screenshot, but I don’t think it’s enough to make a clear interpretation about the game or at least not yet.

Source: 1UP