Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Update, Includes Crafting

Minecraft Pocket Edition Crafting Update

As its name indicates, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the extremely popular sandbox game. The title is currently available for various mobile platforms including the Xperia PLAY, iOS and Android for $6.99. The game has been very well received by both the Minecraft community and the dedicated press, but the title has received one common criticism since it launched: crafting wasn’t possible. Fortunately for those who already have a copy of the game or those who were thinking about getting one but didn’t want to because it lacked crafting, a new update that includes this engaging feature has officially been released.

In addition to all the “Survival” mechanics already present in the portable title (which among other things features health, mobs and day/night cycles,) Minecraft Pocket Edition will receive crafting. It’s worth pointing out that crafting is being implemented through a system that Mojang is calling Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface system (MATTIS for short.) Basically, this means that the player may open his or her inventory, select craft, choose a category, choose what they want to make and if he or she has the necessary components to make it, it’s made. Just like that.

But wait, as that’s not all. Apart from this highly requested feature, this update includes a better AI for zombies and animals (cows and ducks) and text description for the inventory items. Finally, those who want to get Pocket Edition or the new crafting update should go to either iTunes or Google Play where they can download a copy of the game.

Source: Mojang