Resident Evil 6 Gets New Trailer and Release Date Is Moved Up to October 2

Ever since Capcom announced that they were going to cancel Mega Man Legends 3, the company has been having some serious problems with their fans. The latest fiasco involved Street Fighter X Tekken and the fact that most of the game’s DLC is already included in the disc. Nevertheless, a couple of announcements that took place at Capcom’s annual media event may change the opinion some people have about the Japanese-based company. This year, Capcom’s annual Captivate event took place in Rome, Italy and they had a couple of interesting announcements. The most important titles that were shown there were: Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6. For now, I’ll try to focus on the latter. First and foremost, it has been officially confirmed that the game will come out on October 2 (it was expected to be released on November 20) for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Allegedly, the decision to change the release date is related to the positive reaction of fans regarding the first trailer. Apart from that, there aren’t a lot of details about Resident Evil 6 yet, but we do know some of the game’s specifics:

  • The infected creatures are in fact zombies.
  • They are infected with the C-Virus (be careful Capcom, you are running out of letters!)
  • Graphically, the game looks simply amazing.
  • The action is horror-focused like in the first titles in the series.
  • Combats are similar to other modern shooter games and you may now move and shoot at the same time (a clear attempt at revitalizing the core gameplay mechanics.)
  • There are three main characters (which include Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and mercenary Jake Muller, son of Albert Wesker) and each one has three different storylines that take place in three different places (the US, a fictional country in Eastern Europe and China.) Still, these stories will intertwine so the characters will eventually meet.
  • A new HUD has been created.

Finally, here’s Resident Evil 6’s second trailer taken from Capcom Unity’s official YouTube channel:

Source: GiantBomb

  • fosforic

    I suppose the C-virus is a variant of the T-virus , right? :p This RE might just induce me to buy a copy again. I haven’t played a resident evil game properly anymore after Resident Evil 2. But I must say I’m tempted now. Though I’ll probably be getting Devil may cry first, that is if it releases sooner. Probably not, I don’t know. Also , I thought the reboot wasn’t being developped by capcom though but by ninja theory. Saw a demo of it last night and I’m quite pumped for it to be honest. Been a trusty fan for quite some time. The benchmarking of Bayonetta seems to finally catch on. I was expecting hack n’ slash games to overtake a lot of similar elements after that release.

    • eric_s07

      Capcom confirmed that these creatures were in fact classic, slow-moving zombies (and not Ganados or any other variation of mutated beings) so I guess this is a new type of virus. Personally, I should try to catch up with the Resident Evil series or at least play the original trilogy again, but if you were to go back to any title in the series I would absolutely recommend RE4.

      Regarding DMC, you are in fact correct, the upcoming DMC is being developed by Ninja Theory, but Capcom will still be publishing it. I’ve played the two first DMC games and really enjoyed them, but I don’t know what to expect from the upcoming one. I guess the fact that it has a new developer is absolutely great.

      • fosforic

        Yeah, i’ve been hearing RE4 is good. I’ve actually been following this video playthrough by this guy that comments as he plays… It’s actually so fun and addicting, I have about seen everything about the game already. So maybe I shouldn’t get it :p.

        Well that’s not an idea most fans share :p, haha. About at least half of the DMC fan community is blazing mad for the fact they completely changed the lead character. Even though a reboot was the whole point. I don’t really care all that much though. For me, it’s mostly about gameplay. And there’s been a played demo on youtube since the 10th and i’m absolutely in love with it.

        • eric_s07

          Yes, you should definitely play RE4 if you have some free time. Besides, the game has been released on myriad platforms, including GameCube, PS2, PC, Wii and PS3/360 as part of the HD Remastered Versions so getting a copy shouldn’t be a problem.

          Apparently, some members of the DMC community hate everything about the new game (the character, setting, overall tone and so on and so forth.) But at the same time, that title in particular should be appealing to all those people who never actually played any of the previous titles in the series so a reboot seems like a great idea. To me, the new DMC looks really good and I still don’t get most of the criticisms.

  • eric_s07

    @fosforic be sure to check the preview I wrote about the new DmC. Hope you like it and feel free to share some comments