Today in Games Everyone Hate for Some Reason: DmC

dmc devil may cry screenshot

Why does everyone hate DmC? For those unfamiliar with it, DmC is a reboot for the franchise and for some reason a lot of people already hate it. As somebody who has been following this series since the first title was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2, this is quite baffling.  But before discussing this, let’s provide some basics about the game: the upcoming DmC is set in a non-canon universe in the Devil May Cry series. The title is being developed by Ninja Theory (who has previously developed popular games such as Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) and will be published by Capcom for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. DmC was originally announced in late 2010 and it’s currently considered one of the most anticipated titles of 2012.

Regarding the story, the game will focus on Dante, a teenager who has the ability of using superpowers to fight demons as he travels though the fictional Limbo City. Limbo is a twisted and grotesque-looking setting that seems to suit the action quite well. Additionally, Dante may use various attacks to defeat these demons (including the ability to actively switch between multiple swords and guns) and the use of combos is constantly being encouraged. In addition, the main character can use both angel and demon attacks. The layout of the cities will also constantly change, allowing the player to solve various puzzles before being able to progress with the main story.

There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding the game and many fans of the franchise have openly expressed their concern regarding its direction. Ninja Theory decided to completely reboot the series and for them, that meant redesigning Dante as well. Still, I think it’s too early to state the quality of an unreleased game just based on the way its main character looks. But apart from that, there will be many other innovations (including redesigned combo mechanics, a more rewarding skill system and a new setting) which will apparently make the game fresh and unique. The core action of the game seems pretty fluid and the fact that the scoring system (which grades players according to their performance) is being redesigned is simply great.

Finally, here are some videos. The first one is a trailer that was originally shown at Capcom’s Captivate 2012 and describing it as excessively over-the-top isn’t enough. Then, the other two videos are some interesting interviews with the DmC team. It’s worth pointing out that all the following videos have been taken from Capcom Unity’s official YouTube Channel.

  • fosforic

    I really enjoyed the footage we have on the game now. The added boss fight and all that. I’m very pleased with the gameplay. And it looks as though a playthrough will consume about 10-15 hours which is normal for the type of game that it is. I’m glade they’ve kept an apropriate game length.
    You can definitely notice Ninja Theory responded to the angry comments about Dante’s appearance. If you have to compare to what old trailers showed about the game, the difference is somewhat well noticeable. Especially in Dante’s looks. Generally, I think the larger amount of complaints have died down by now. Especially with the display of the current battle tactics. They seem to attract a good crowd, which i’m happy about.
    There seems to be some blatant benchmarking of Bayonetta but I don’t actually mind all that much. If they can use those elements to create a better and more finished product, then by all means , copy away! I played Bayonetta for quite some time and couldn’t help but see so many similarities XD. But as i said , it’s a good thing!
    Heard the release date is like january 13th though :(. I suppose it still has some time to bake in the oven. Overall I like the direction in which it is going.

    • eric_s07

      What I liked the most about the game is that the animations seem pretty fluid and the different environments blend in quite well with the rest of the game. Regarding the criticism that Ninja Theory has been receiving since the DmC was first shown, I think the whole situation has been really stupid. Especially since the developer is trying something different with the game. At least this new character is much more distinctive than the regular Dante.

      Finally, I guess we’ll have to wait a long while for the game to come out! In North America and Europe, DmC comes out on January 15 and in Japan the game comes out on January 17, 2013.

      • fosforic

        That is odd 0.0. A game that comes out first in NA/EUR and only last in Japan? That’s the first time I’ve heard of such a release date planning. I’m wondering if it has any kind of special reason. Sure, it’s only two days apart but i find that extremely odd. Here’s to hoping that FFxiii versus comes in stores sooner than DmC does. I’d be mortified if it didn’t. Looks like a not too bad idea after 3 or 4 years. Then again, some of the clip snippets also looked too awesome to believe, maybe they’re saving it to pop it out on a new-gen console LOL. I’ll kill someone.

        It’s been a good while since I’ve commented! But i’m all caught up now! Hope you’ve been well. Work has been hectic, but at least I can sub for Tera now :p. Though in this month They are merging the servers in korea from 15 to 4 compared to their 34 original ones :(. The game appears to be dying in that region due to diablo and the blade and soul OBT. Though i’d have to admit, if blade&soul hits europe, i’d probably play it as well. If Tera goes F2P I at least wouldn’t lose access to my character I suppose :p. Wish it turned out as a successful game though , it’s a shame.

        • eric_s07

          I double checked the dates just in case, but they were in fact accurate. I agree with you, it does seem weird, but I couldn’t find anything regarding the reasons behind releasing it first in American and European territories though.

          Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Final Fantasy Versus XIII anytime soon, especially since it wasn’t even shown at E3 2012. At this point, I think It’s quite likely that they save it for the upcoming generation of consoles (Durango and Orbis.) Personally, I’m really looking forward to Final Fantasy Type-0 (the PSP game,) but it seems like that title isn’t coming to America either. Nevertheless, as soon as I have more information about those games I’ll post something on the site.

          Yes, glad to see you’re back Fosforic! I’ve been writing a lot, but I do take requests from time to time, so if you have something in particular that you’d like to see on the site don’t hesitate to leave a message or write something on the “Contact Me” page. Although I can’t guarantee you that I’ll post an article as soon as you write, I’m always open to suggestions!

          Tera looks pretty interesting and the combat in particular seems quite compelling. I haven’t had a chance to play it myself but I read a couple of reviews and watched some gameplay videos. Sorry to hear that it’s not doing so well.