Telltale Working on a Second Season of Back to the Future?

Back to the Future Marty Doc

For the past few days there have been some rumors about Telltale working on the second season of the Back to the Future episodic adventure series. It has been reported (via GameSpot) that Christopher Lloyd, who voices Doc Brown in the games, will reprise his role in an upcoming game in the series.

The Back to the Future series of games has been a tremendous success for Telltale, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think of another season. The first season of the Back to the Future series had five episodes, including It’s About Time, Get Tannen, Citizen Brown, Double Visions and Outatime and the series was really well received by both critics and fans of the franchise alike

Taking into account that the Telltale is currently focusing on the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead and considering that the episodic series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book will have a second season, it may take some time for Telltale to announce the second season of Back to the Future. Please, make this happen Telltale…

Source: GameSpot

  • Mattis

    I really would be happy if telltale games made another back to the future season

    • I would be too! I have some great memories about the first season of Back to the Future. I know Telltale’s focusing more on other properties, like Game of Thrones and Borderlands and I’m pretty sure those are doing really well, but I think they should go back to some of their older franchises like Sam & Max and Back to the Future.

      • Rob Van Wetswinkel

        Yh they def should make another BTTF game. Not only is it a ( pardon the language) damned great game, with Bob Gale his involvement with the production and the great Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown, the game could be the closest thing we get to a sequel to the trilogy. Even Michael J Fox reprised his role in a cameo as an older Marty in the last ep of the game. However I do hope that if they make another one, they play it once more in the future setting of 2015 (or since we are 2015) move it up a year of 5 and have the setting be 2020. Why? You may wonder. Simple, I want Michael J Fox as Marty and since his voice has changed over the years it’s best to do a game with an older Marty as a protagonist. Don’t get me wrong, I loved AJ Locastio as a younger Marty. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they took 1985’s MJF his voice and planted it into AJ lol He was spot on. But every fan of the franchise got goosebumps all over when they heard Michael in episode 5. And even though he has parkinson he is doing acting jobs of which mostly voice acting. Can’t do 1 more sequel film with him. At least not without writing in his Parkinson’s. A game is animated and you would only need mikes voice and likeness. I hope one day it will happen but I’m afraid it never might..

        • Hi Rob! I’ve been playing some of the latest Telltale games (I recently played The Walking Dead: Season Two and I’m currently playing Game of Thrones for the purposes of review) and while I enjoy those games, I’d love to see another Back to the Future season. Unfortunately, I think that the chances of Telltale Games making it are slim at best (I hope I’m wrong,) but taking into account that they are working on Game of Thrones, the Minecraft adventure game, Tales from the Borderlands and probably the third season of The Walking Dead, I don’t think we’ll see a new BTTF game in a while. You have some pretty interesting ideas for the potential sequel and you definitely made me excited about the possibilities. Thanks for the comment Rob!