Beatshapers Bundle on PSN Features Five Indie Games for $6.99

Wizorb Screenshot

Beatshapers Indie Minis is a bundle that’s available as part of this week’s PlayStation Store Update. The compilation includes five indie titles for $6.99 in the US store and €5.99 in the European one. The games in question are: Tribute Games’ Wizorb, Adam Atomic’s Canabalt, Brian Greenstone’s Enigmo, Phil Hassey’s Galcon Labs and Felix Casablancas’ BreakQuest.

As usual there are some big releases on the PlayStation Store as well (BioShock and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 have been released digitally and Borderlands is available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers,) but while you get some of those games, don’t forget about this highly appealing indie bundle.

Source: PlayStation Store

  • Maggard

    Has anyone played any of these games? Are they worth the price?

    • eric_s07

      I was more than interested in playing a couple of titles from this collection (Wizorb, Canabalt and Breakquest,) but unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to check them out. Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help Maggard.