Sega Genesis RPG “Pier Solar” to Receive HD Version through Kickstarter

Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a homebrew role-playing game for the Sega Genesis released in 2010. Not only was developer WaterMelon Co. able to release a Sega Genesis cartridge in 2010, but with 64MB of data, that particular cartridge happens to represent the biggest game for the system. Pier Solar’s story is quite traditional. The plot focuses on three characters, young botanist Houston and his two best friends Alina and Edessot, as they set out on a quest to find a rare magical herb to cure Houston’s father. Now the developer wants to release this 16-bit RPG on a variety of consoles, Sega Dreamcast included.

Pier Solar HD is planned for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and Dreamcast, though it’s worth noting that the Sega Dreamcast version won’t be in high definition. Graphically, the game does look quite impressive, even when it retains the 16-bit style sprites so characteristic of the first Pier Solar. Additionally, the backgrounds will be in hand-drawn HD which will provide the game with a rather unique look.

The developer is asking for $139.000 to fund Pier Solar HD which basically means that they need money to redraw all the art and get the license to publish it on new platforms. Backers who pledge a minimum of $15 will get a digital copy of the game for PC, Max, Linux or Xbox 360. On the other hand, the Dreamcast CD or physical copies for other platforms are $49. For more information about the collector’s editions and special packages visit the Kickstarter page.