Might & Magic X Legacy Now Available on Steam

First-person role-playing game Might & Magic X Legacy is now available on Steam, publisher Ubisoft has announced. Although originally released on Steam as an Early Access title, Might & Magic X Legacy has now received a full release.

It’s worth pointing out that the RPG is available in two flavors: the Deluxe Edition costs $29.99 and the Standard Edition $24.99. The only difference between the two is that the former comes with a copy of Might & Magic VI, an exclusive dungeon called The Dream Shard, the soundtrack and the Falcon and the Unicorn DLC when it comes out.

In Might & Magic X Legacy, you lead a group of adventurers that battle mythical creatures and collect treasures.

  • NS


    Kinda obvious this article used the above one as a base. Not only because of similarities in the wording, but also because both claim the deluxe version comes with M&M4 rather than M&M6.

    • eric_s07

      Hi NS! First I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I also wanted to take this opportunity to clear up a couple of things. To write the article above I used the press release sent by Ubisoft and I also went to the Steam page a couple of times and I’m terribly sorry I confused the name of the free game. Nevertheless, I must admit I visited the Polygon and read that article yesterday (I wrote my article earlier today.) Regarding the similar expressions, I assume you refer to the wording in this phrase which is pretty much the same: “is available in two flavors.” Since I read the article yesterday maybe that phrase stuck with me and I decided to use it. Still, you’re right and I agree that I should be more careful when I write articles. Thanks again for providing some feedback!