Anomaly Defenders Coming Later This Week

Anomaly Defenders, the last entry in the popular tower offense/defense series, launches on PC, Mac and Linux platforms on May 29th, developer 11 bit studios has announced. Apart from the announcement, the developer also released a new trailer which you can find embedded above.

For the uninitiated, the Anomaly series introduced the idea of tower offense, since you assumed the role of the wave of enemies instead of the commander who was in charge of placing defending towers. For this last entry though, the tables have turned, since the humans who have resisted the alien attacks are now launching a counter attack and for the first time in the series, you need to take a defensive position.

Anomaly Defenders will be available on Steam and Games Republic. If you pre-order the tower defense game on Games Republic, you get a DRM-version of both Anomaly Defenders and Anomaly 2 for $8.99.