The Witcher 3 and GOG News Coming on June 5th in CD Projekt Red Livestream

In a pre-E3 live event, developer CD Projekt Red and digital distribution service GOG will have some important announcements to make. In this event, which will be broadcasted live on June 5th at 2PM EDT (11AM PST,) the company will show never-before-seen gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and there will be more details regarding the collector’s edition and the pre-orders for the upcoming role-playing game.

“The future” of will also be revealed during the live event, though it’s hard to predict what that means. Maybe GOG will receive a client similar to the one Steam or Origin have? Maybe the service will expand beyond classic titles and indie games? Whatever it is we’ll find out on June 5th during the live event.

If you’re interested in watching CD Projekt Red’s Summer Conference visit The Witcher’s official website or