Top 10: Reasons Why the PC Is My Platform of Choice

Steam Machines (Large)

I play video games on a daily basis and I do most of my gaming on a PC. But why? After all, I used to play video games on consoles and I loved that experience. So I decided to analyze the reasons why I play most of my video games on a PC. Of course, this is a highly personal article, so some of you are likely to disagree with some of the points here. If you do, make sure you mention ideas in the comments. In the meantime, these are the reasons why I spend a lot of my free time playing video games in front of a PC.

There are thousands of games to choose from

Counter-Strike - Source (Steam)

Not every game you install in your PC will work immediately, but as a platform, the PC offers a staggering amount games. After all, the PC is without a doubt, the platform that has been around the longest and if for whatever reason you don’t like PC games, there’s always emulators.

I can choose how to play games

Xbox 360 Controller (Black)

As most of you probably know, some games are better with a controller and other games are better with a mouse and keyboard. The good thing about playing on a PC is that you’re never tied to one way of playing games, so you can play strategy games with a mouse and keyboard and a platformer with a controller. On top of that, playing with an Xbox controller is remarkably easy, since most video games recognize the controller as soon as you plug it in the computer and you don’t have to change anything.

There are many choices when it comes to digital distribution services

GOG Galaxy

Steam, GOG and Origin are some of the digital distribution services I use regularly and the best part about those services is that they are constantly competing with each other, which creates a healthy environment that benefits the users. Those services are inherently different, so while some of them are better than others, they can’t be directly compared. Steam is solid, offering thousands of titles. GOG is a DRM-free digital distribution platform that focuses on indie and classic games. Origin is Electronic Arts’ service, so if you want to play The Sims or Mass Effect, you’ll probably choose Origin, fortunately, the service is more than functional and their On the House program offers free games on a regular basis.

Regular sales and promotions

Steam Autumn Sale (2013)

If you wait long enough, getting some PC games is extremely cheap. Of course, you always have to be careful which (and how many) games you buy. Personally, I have hundreds of games in my Steam library and I haven’t touched a lot of them, but this clearly illustrates that regular sales and promotions are healthy for the PC market.

I can do more than just play video games

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I use my laptop for *takes a deep* browsing the internet, writing articles, reading articles, listening to music, checking emails, watching movies and so on and so forth. Although the latest generation of consoles lets you do pretty much everything I mentioned above, doing it on a PC is comfortable and fast experience.

PC games look better

Outlast (PC)

Although my gaming PC is nothing to write home about, it’s usually a fact that video games look better on a PC. After all, upgrading PC parts is a simple and fast process, there’s 4K technology and so on. Usually, when you have to choose between the console versions of a game and a PC port, the PC port is a safe bet.

PC gaming offers flexibility and customization

Steam Machine

So you have an aging PC? Changing parts has never been easier and while sometimes changing parts is more expensive than changing the PC entirely, this is still an option for most people. Of course, some people are intimidated by the idea of changing parts by themselves or opening their expensive machine (to a certain extent, I’m also intimidated by it.) But this is well worth the hassle and making a mistake isn’t that bad.


Counter-Strike Mod

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of mods, but I do play them now and then. Playing fan-made maps on Counter-Strike is fun and discovering a mod that changes Skyrim or Portal 2 completely is always a fun experience and that’s something consoles don’t offer. Downloading new maps, mechanics, UI, skins, missions, items and pretty much whatever comes to your mind is available as a modification.

PC gaming is not that expensive

Steam Machines 04

The internet lies. You don’t need to spend $4000 on a new computer (you could, but that would be a bad decision.) In fact, you can spend $400 or $500 on a computer and run some of the newest, most popular games available now and play them on the highest settings. You just need to do some research, take wise decisions (and in some cases follow common sense) and be ready to upgrade that PC now and then.

Playing video games on a console is “different”

PlayStation 4 Hardware

I’m not using “different” as a criticism or as an insult here. Consoles and PCs are completely different and to a certain extent they can’t be compared. After all, there will always be console exclusives or PC exclusives and some people don’t want to change parts so that they can play newer games and so on. So when it comes to playing video games, choosing a PC or console is a personal decision and no matter which one you choose, you’ll probably have a great time.