Quake Live Brings Railguns to Steam

Quake Live (Steam)

Free-to-play first-person shooter Quake Live is coming to Steam, id Software announced on the game’s official website. When the fast-paced shooter comes out in Valve digital distribution service, players will be able to import their account and there will also be a subscription system.

The developer is also planning new features, such as a graphical overhaul for the site, a “Play Now” button to automatically connect and play with other people, visual changes for the match browser and more. Apart from the cosmetic changes, the game will receive its first gameplay update ever, but what these changes will bring to the game hasn’t been detailed yet.

When the game launched in 2010, the only way to play it was through a web browser, but that changed in 2013 when Quake Live dropped browser support and became a standalone title. The first-person shooter features subscription-based options and paying for a subscription grants you access to more arenas, game types, servers and more.

I haven’t played Quake Live in a few years and taking into account that the FPS is based on Quake 3, I’ll definitely give it a chance once it’s available on Steam.

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