Steam Ponchos Comes with Extra Steam Codes

Secret Ponchos (PC) (Custom)

People who purchase Spaghetti Western action game Secret Ponchos will immediately receive an extra key to give to a friend, developer Switchblade Monkeys has announced. Since the game has a strong player-versus-player component, having an extra key to give away to a friend (or an enemy) sounds like a terrific idea.

But take into account that this is a limited time-offer. To receive the extra key (note that the code unlocks the Early Access version of the game, but it will eventually update to the full version) you must buy the game before August 5th.

Secret Ponchos is now out on PC and the game’s also coming to the PlayStation 4. For those unfamiliar, this is a Wild West action game where players participate in four-player (soon eight players) shootouts, customize their characters, ambush enemies and so on.