Tetris Ultimate Coming to 3DS

Tetris Ultimate

It isn’t a video game console until it has a playable version of Tetris in it, at least that’s what I think. If that’ true, then the Nintendo 3DS is about to become a console, since Ubisoft has announced that Tetris Ultimate will be available for the portable console this fall.

Tetris Ultimate for the 3DS features six modes (marathon, ultra, endless, battle, battle ultimate and sprint) and a single-player campaign challenge mode. Nevertheless, the game’s most compelling aspect is that most of those modes support up to four players at the same time. Additionally, there are real-time worldwide leaderboards to see if all the time you’ve wasted placing Tetriminos was worth it.

Tetris Ultimate will also be available as a digital download for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Vita and PC and those versions will be out this summer. Will this be the ultimate version of Tetris? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.