La-Mulana EX Coming to the Vita Later This Year

La-Mulana (Screenshot)

Two-dimensional puzzle adventure game La-Mulana is coming to the PlayStation Vita later this year as La-Mulana EX, Rising Star Games has announced.

To release La-Mulana EX in the west, Rising Star Games has partnered with Pygmy Studios and as the name of the game suggests, there will be additional content and features that weren’t included in the original version of the platformer. As of this news article, the exclusive content hasn’t been detailed yet, but I’m pretty sure there will be more details about the upcoming version of La-Mulana really soon.

In the side-scrolling platformer, players assume the role of Professor Lemeza Kosugi after he embarks on a journey to the ruins of La-Mulana. The whip wielding adventurer finds treasures as he explores lost cities, labyrinths, tombs and unexplored caves.

Source: Rising Star Games