Payday: The Heist Goes Free on October 18th

Payday - The Heist (Steam)

To celebrate the third anniversary of the Payday franchise, developer Overkill announced that Payday: The Heist will be available for free on October 18th.

But that’s not all, Overkill will be giving away various items as they hit different milestones, so as more people subscribe to the official group for the official group for Payday 2, more rewards are unlocked. Some of the items include exclusive masks, weapons, heists, playable characters, enemies and more.

As of this news article, the Crimefest has raised more than 1,150,000 members which means that the Breakout Heist DLC will be free to all community members. Overkill is aiming for 1.5 million users and the last reward is completely secret.

By the way, here’s my review for Payday: The Heist in case you’d like to check it out.

Source: Overkill, Steam