Steam Finally Receives Visual Overhaul

Steam Store Update

There are literally thousands on games on Steam (over 3,700 to be more precise) and discovering new titles on the digital service has become increasingly difficult, but that’s about to change. As part of what Valve’s calling the Steam Discovery Update, the digital distribution service has received a massive visual overhaul and I couldn’t be happier.

For starters, the home page is completely different, offering recommendations that vary according to past purchases, games you’ve been playing and games recommended by friends. Also, the search and discovery tools are more powerful and customizable and for the first time, you’ll see reviews from some of your favorite Curators.

But wait? What are Curators? Curators are users or groups that post public reviews and lists in public Steam forums. As a Steam user, you can follow Curators to discover new games, but apart from reading their activity feed, you can also post comments, rate recommendations, watch videos and more. What’s potentially interesting about this new feature is that you can follow Curators that focus on niche genres, such as survival horror games or JRPGs.

But why change the store now? According to Valve, Steam has released over 1,300 titles over the past 9 months and over 100 million account were created during that period of time. It’s only natural that the company wants to offer those people the best shopping experience they can, at the same time they improve the store for those people who have been using it for a long time.

For more information about the Steam Discovery Update, check out this page on Steam that explains everything you need to know about the new store.