Steam Music Available to Everyone, Free Soundtracks

Steam Music Player

Now you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music while you use Steam. In fact, you could do that for a while, but the only difference is that the feature is now available to everybody. The process is simple: you choose the directory where you keep all your MP3 files and once Steam recognizes all of them, you can select your favorite albums, artists, create playlists and so on.

As a way of promoting Steam Music, Valve is giving away a handful of soundtracks as downloadable content, including the OSTs from Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode 2, Portal, Portal 2 and Free to Play. Please take into account that you have to own the base games to be able to download the soundtracks, but that won’t be a problem, since the company has discounted all the aforementioned games.

For more information about Steam Music, check out the announcement on Steam.

Source: Steam