2D Platformer Fenix Rage Coming to the PlayStation Vita

Fenix Rage (Steam)

Two-dimensional platformer Fenix Rage is coming to the PlayStation Vita next year, developer Green Lava Studios has announced on the PlayStation Blog. The Vita version of the game is expected to come out at the same time as the previously announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions in early 2015.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to play Fenix Rage, the game is a hardcore platformer in the same vain as Super Meat Boy. So while the mechanics are remarkably simple (running, jumping and dashing,) mastering those mechanics will definitely take some time. But there are more elements to take into account, including unlimited (and automatic) restarts, different enemies, fire and ice levels and portals.

If you want to check out Fenix Rage, the game’s available for the PC (via Steam) for $14.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog