Aliens vs Predators Free on GOG

Aliens vs Predators Classic 2000

For the next 48 hours, anyone with a GOG account will be able to get a copy of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 on the DRM-free digital distribution service. GOG is giving away copies of the first-person shooter to anyone who signs up to the beta test of their upcoming multiplayer client GOG Galaxy.

Since the company wants to test the infrastructure of their service, they are giving away Aliens vs Predator 2000. To claim the game, you need to go to the website, sign-up to join the beta test and soon after that, you’ll be receiving an email with the code.

Apart from freebies, GOG has some news to share regarding their Linux-compatible games. Basically, they’ve extended their catalog, since some Hasbro Classics (including Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate) are now compatible with the free operating system. As of this news article, there over 100 Linux-compatible games and some of the highlights include Broken Age, Brutal Legend, Papers, Please and Costume Quest, among many others. For more information about the latest batch of games, check out this list.

Source: GOG