Costume Quest 2 Coming to PS3 and PS4, Features Sackboy Costume

Halloween’s a few days away and by then, you’ll be able to play adventure game Costume Quest 2 on either the PS3 and PS4, independent publisher Midnight City has announced. Take into account that the game will be available on the PlayStation platforms on Tuesday, October 28th, since that’s the day when the digital distribution service updates.

If you’re planning to play Costume Quest 2 on a PlayStation console, you’ll receive a special treat. Players will be able to wear a special Sackboy costume which of course, is a PlayStation exclusive. For more information about the costume, check out the video embedded above.

For those unfamiliar, Costume Quest 2 is the direct sequel to Costume Quest, Double Fine’s RPG adventure where you assume the role of a child who travels around his neighborhood collecting special items for their costume. The game features battle segments where you and your friends transform into monsters that fight other monsters. The original Costume Quest was well-received for its charisma and charm, but the game was criticized for its repetitive mechanics.

Source: PlayStation Blog