Suikoden II Finally Coming to PSN

Suikoden II

I’ve never played role-playing game Suikoden II, but I’ve heard a lot of about it. After all, the game usually comes up in “best RPGs of all time” lists. Konami was well aware of the reputation of Suikoden II which is why they’re releasing the game as a PlayStation One Classic this Tuesday, November 9th.

Released in North American in 1999, Suikoden II is famous among collectors because the physical copy of the game saw a limited print run and it’s one of the most valuable PlayStation games on the market. But that’s not all, since the classic RPG was also well received by critics and fans of the genre for improving aspects from its predecessor and for its memorable characters and larger-than-life story.

For more information about the imminent release of Suikoden II on PSN, check out this post on the PlayStation Blog.

Source: PlayStation Blog