Far Cry Movie Review

A predictable plot, stereotypical characters and Z-movie qualities are some of the defining aspects of this hour-and-a-half train wreck.

At one point, the people interested in working on video game movies pretty much ran out of franchises, so they started acquiring the rights to games that didn’t necessarily lend themselves to entertaining movies. The original Far Cry was a terrific title when it came out, but as you can imagine, the plot wasn’t the strongest part about that game. Critics and fans of the genre praised the action adventure title for its groundbreaking visuals, exciting action setpieces and outstanding gameplay. The narrative, on the other hand, was mere means to an end.

Dr. Krieger: "You're just a simple boat man."

Dr. Krieger: “You’re just a simple boat man.”

The Far Cry movie’s set in a jungle in the middle of a secluded island where some illegal experiments are taking place. Basically, there’s a military installation where an evil doctor developed an army of genetically engineered soldiers who have bulletproof skin and they can fight longer than human soldiers, so they are invaluable in the battlefield. An American journalist called Valerie Cardinal heard rumors about these experiments, so she rents a boat to take her to the island. As you probably guessed by now, the reporter is planning on telling the truth about the shady experiments that are taking place in the remote secret facility, but she also wants to free his uncle who happens to be a soldier and might be in trouble. The owner of the boat who’s taking her to the island, Jack Carver, is a former member of the special forces and when all hell breaks loose, he has the chance to shoot everything in sight to save both the reporter and his military buddy.

Visually, the movie really evokes parts of the game, but in terms of tone, the film has some problems, since it’s constantly alternating between genres. Personally, I was expecting a traditional action adventure movie where there’s a lot of shooting and explosions and even though there’s a lot of that, this is also a horror movie, romantic comedy and more. So I can see how fans of the game could be disappointed.

Jack Carver: "I didn't say anything about being simple."

Jack Carver: “I didn’t say anything about being simple.”

The first game was an action adventure, sandbox game set in a tropical island where you could explore pristine setting and shoot everything that moved, but this movie couldn’t be more different to that. It seems like the movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. At times, it want’s to be a horror movie, then an action adventure movie, romance and then a comedy. The problem is that none of those individual parts is any good and when they combine, the overall package turns out to be pretty uneven. In other words, I don’t know who’s this for. Fans of the game will be disappointed and even B-movie fans will struggle watching this one.

Since the main draw of playing Far Cry was exploring a sprawling environment however you pleased, the story was minimal. In other words, the narrative wasn’t the reason to play Far Cry, so I would have appreciated if the writers had taken some liberties with the story to make it a little more appealing for the big screen. Unfortunately, they didn’t. In the end, I think Far Cry is so bad that it might make you lose hope in movies as an art form.

  • Bruce Acosta

    A bit of lame dump movie this one, total shithole.

    • As far as video game movies go, Far Cry is certainly one of the worst. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.