Hitman Movie Review

There might be some redeeming qualities here and there, but the extreme violence, boring characters and confusing plot make Hitman hard to recommend.

The Hitman movie came out at a time when a lot of video game movies were being released. Clearly, Hollywood saw a gold mine that they could exploit, but as in most film adaptations of video game properties, the people involved in Hitman have no appreciation for the franchise. That’s the impression that I get when I watch the 2007 action film, since this is a film that exudes potential, but fails due to a bad script, poor dialogue and a boring story.

Hitman 01

Agent 47: “If you set me up, I will find you and I will burn that building to the ground around you.”

Hitman follows Agent 47, a trained mercenary who travels around the world killing targets. Agent 47 was trained in an academy called “The Organization” since he was a child. He has no name, no family, no home and the only thing that reminds him about his past is the bar code on the back of his head (a feature that should give away his cover, but everyone else seems to ignore that in the movie.) Since he had always done nothing but killing other people, he has serious problems socializing. In other words, he’s sole purpose for existing is killing. After a seemingly successful job that involved killing a politician, Agent 47 finds out that there’s a witness, but when he goes to “take care of the situation,” another agent tries to kill him. Now Interpol, the Russian Police and other members of The Organization are after him, so he has to locate the witness to find out what’s going on.

The movie establishes Agent 47 in a few minutes, but soon enough, the character starts taking decisions that don’t seem to correspond to his personality. He’s constantly outnumbered and seldom uses stealth, so how is it that he can escape from those dire situations? If I learned anything from the Hitman games is that you need to use your head and not guns in those situations. The Russian Police, the CIA, Interpol and other trained agents are after him, so how is it possible that they can’t hurt him, even when they attack him all at the same time? Also, why would he keep the witness alive? Isn’t he some kind of cold-blooded killer that has no feelings?

Hitman 02

Agent 47: “Stop talking or I’ll put you back in the trunk.”

Yet despite all of its inconsistencies, Hitman can be a mindless and entertaining action film from time to time. When there’s shootings, explosions and reckless driving involved, this movie’s at its best. Unfortunately, Hitman wastes valuable that can be spent exploding stuff with political intrigue, conspiracy theories, long dialogues and characters who spy other characters. Also, pretty much the only woman in the film spend half of the movie naked and being obnoxious.

In the end, Hitman is an average action movie that doesn’t stand in any meaningful way above its peers and that’s definitely a shame. There might be some redeeming qualities here and there, but the extreme violence, boring characters and confusing plot that never goes anywhere make it hard to recommend.