5 Reasons to Play Final Fantasy VII (Before the Remake Comes Out)

Final Fantasy VII Characters

As soon Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII was finally getting a proper high-definition remake, I decided that I was going to play the Japanese role-playing game from beginning to end. Anecdotally, I started the game three times, but never got around to finishing it. But what if you never played the JRPG? Should you wait for the upcoming remake? Or should you buy the PlayStation Classics version on PSN and play it now? I think you should play it as soon as you can and here’s why.

No remake will make Final Fantasy VII justice

Final Fantasy VII Gameplay

Regardless of the approach that Square Enix decides to take when it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake, the original is so special and it holds such a special place in people’s hearts that the developer won’t be able to match that. I’m sure they’ll be able to craft a solid game that a lot of people are going to play, but it won’t surpass the original.

Changes will be made to the remake

Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith

It’s too early to tell, but if Square Enix changes anything about the game, purists who love the original will complain. This is inevitable, since some of the fondest memories of playing video games are related to this game. The turn-based mechanics, chibi characters, convoluted storyline and memorable cast of characters are iconic and you can’t change them without alienating a lot of fans.

The original Final Fantasy VII has its charms

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth

The graphics don’t hold up particularly well, the story is complex, the music can be repetitive at times, there’s grinding, the translation is nothing to write home about, the humor falls flat and the list of problems go on and on. But some of those missteps are romanticized by a lot of people, especially those who had a chance to play the JRPG back when it came out.

Final Fantasy VII was technically impressive when it came out

final fantasy vii cloud

The original Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the series to include 3D graphics, the number of FMV sequences and their quality was amazing for the time and the list of groundbreaking achievements goes on and on. The remake will look amazing, I’m sure, but it won’t represent the seminal title that it predecessor was.

JRPGs might be a niche genre, but the it’s more popular than in 1997

Final Fantasy VII Cloud

One of the main reasons why Final Fantasy VII is so fondly remembered is because that game was the first JRPG that most people played. Prior to that, there were other role-playing games, but the seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series was the first one to resonate with the masses. Over the years, the genre has become as popular as it’ll ever going to be and while a lot of people who have heard about Final Fantasy VII will try the remake to see what all the fuss is about, it won’t set the world on fire or at least not in the same way the original did.