BloodRayne II: Deliverance Movie Review

No matter who you are, stay as far as you can from this insipid and vapid movie adaptation.

BloodRayne often comes up whenever people talk about some of the worst films based on video games, so I just find it bewildering that there’s a sequel. The previous entry in the film series was appalling that I have to wonder why make a sequel to BloodRayne? But BloodRayne II: Deliverance exists, infamous director Uwe Boll directs it and this is a video game movie, so guess what happens when you combine all of the above? I’ll save you the trouble of reading the rest of this article: no matter who you are, stay as far as you can from this one.

Rayne: "Big speech... small guns... you tryin' to compensate for somethin'?"

Rayne: “Big speech… small guns… you tryin’ to compensate for somethin’?”

Set in the town of Deliverance, this western/horror flick shows what happens when a posse of blood-sucking vampires seize the small town and eats its inhabitants one by one. Why would vampires choose Deliverance? Well, a railroad is being built in the town and when it’s finished, it would bring new people that the vampire lord would use to build an army that can take over the world. Additionally, the train also means that they have an easy escape route they can use whenever they want, so they really thought this through. When this comes to the attention of Rayne, she decides to form a team of vampire hunters that can face the creatures of the night and kill all of them once and for all. Luckily, she has some qualities that are handful when it comes to killing vampires: she can fight, she can hold her liquor, she can play poker, she knows how to use a gun and she’s beautiful. Actually, most of those features don’t help kill vampires, but you know, they don’t hurt either.

All the stereotypical characters you can think of are part of this film: the tyrannical vampire who eats kids, the angry mob who hang people, the gorgeous and powerful vampire hunter and the journalist who’s just interested in writing a compelling story. It’s worth mentioning that Rayne’s a vampire and she needs to drink blood to survive, but this is mentioned once and it’s never brought up again. As you can see, even the protagonist is monotonous and one-dimensional.

Billy the Kid: "Pyles, is writing stories your reason to live?"

Billy the Kid: “Pyles, is writing stories your reason to live?”

But stereotypical characters isn’t the only sin this dull film commits. It takes a long time to introduce each character, there’s nothing remotely interesting about them and the inclusion of vampires in this western film feels forced and unnecessary. Rayne spends the first half of the film forming the ultimate team of fighters that can defeat the vampires and when we reach the moment of the final fight, everything happens so fast that all the moments that led to that final scenes seem like a waste of valuable time.

The idea of a Bloodrayne film set in a western is disappointing when you see it unfold. Also, the vampires could have been human and the film would have been pretty much the same. I feel like the only reason they were included is because the original BloodRayne had vampires and they wanted to make a sequel to that. Having vampires doesn’t add to the story in any meaningful way and all the powers they have (incredible force, the need of killing people to drink their blood) are barely used.

Mayor Holden: "Miss, you don't know WHAT you're dealing with!"

Mayor Holden: “Miss, you don’t know WHAT you’re dealing with!”

BloodRayne II is a boring movie that gets rid of pretty much every element of the video game franchise it’s based on and while there’s nothing inherently bad with that, there’s nothing creative about the new elements. Deliverance wastes the inviting setting and new characters in a B-movie that’s hard to recommend to anyone.