BloodRayne: The Third Reich Movie Review

BloodRayne: The Third Reich is the weak and vapid sequel that no one wanted.

Although critically panned, Uwe Boll convinced people that BloodRayne was a product worth making. To my surprise, that happened three times, since BloodRayne, BloodRayne 2 and now BloodRayne: The Third Reich exist. Apart from aspiring reviewers who hate themselves (that would be me,) I have no idea who else would be willingly sit in front of a screen to watch this. At this point in the franchise, you know if this is for you or not, but to clear any doubts and even if you don’t know anything about the BloodRayne I’m going to go ahead and say it: The Third Reich is not worth anyone’s time.

Set in Nazi Germany during World War II, BloodRayne: The Third Reich follows Rayne, a busty vampire hunter who’s also a vampire. When Rayne attacks a Nazi convoy, she accidentally leaves one of her victims alive and that person eventually becomes a vampire. That’s Ekart Brand, a Nazi leader who’s trying to use a sample of Rayne’s blood and hand it to Hitler, so that the Fuhrer can become an immortal being and rule the world with an iron fist. We all knew this was going to happen eventually: Nazi vampires. This is the first of many fan-service moments and other examples include unnecessary sex scenes, a ridiculous dream sequence where Rayne fights a historical figure and more. Like its predecessor (BloodRayne 2 took place in the western,) this film uses a specific time and place in history, B-movie actors and a lot of money on a story that never goes anywhere.

BloodRayne - The Third Reich 01

Rayne: “Honor? The last thing this about is honor. My apologies but the locals are finishing up outside. So let’s just make this thing short and bloody!”

Believe it or not, someone watches these movies which is why they are only available in the form of direct-to-DVD videos. There’s actually an audience who avidly waits for these movies to come out. As in previous BloodRayne films, the acting, script and Uwe Boll’s direction are terrible, but anyone who has watched any of his films probably know that, since this is kind of his personal touch. To me, one of the greatest sins involve the boring and one-dimensional characters whose only motivations involve visiting bordellos, killing Nazis and that’s pretty much it.

If you ever wondered why video game movies have such a bad reputation, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich explains that eloquently. Unnecessary fan service that doesn’t add anything to the story, terrible dialogue, boring action scenes, by-the-numbers narrative, uninspired characters and poorly choreographed scenes are all part of a movie that no one should watch.