Top 5: FPS Single-Player Campaigns

Halo - Combat Evolved (Header)

Although what draws millions and millions of players to the first-person shooter genre is the possibility of competing against other people, some of those games have amazing single-player campaigns that you can enjoy on your own. Being able to play a campaign at your own pace and without any sort of pressure makes the process much more enjoyable in my opinion and while multiplayer modes are also extremely fun, playing on your own from time to time and watch a story, meet new characters and explore environments can be fantastic. Below, you’ll find a short list with some of the best first-person single players campaigns that you can play solo. What’s your favorite single-player campaign from a first-person shooter? Why? As usual, share ideas in the comments below.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo - Combat Evolved (PC)

Considered Xbox’s killer app, Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the best first-person shooters ever made and a title that revolutionized the genre in several ways. Set in the 26th century, you assume the role of Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced soldier who’s joined by an artificial intelligence known as Cortana. Your objective is to uncover the mysteries behind a ring-like construction called Halo at the same time you try to exterminate a hostile race of aliens. The game had some issues with repetitive level design (such as the infamous library level,) but for the most part, Halo is an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. Note that a high-definition remake called Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary came out for the Xbox 360, but I’d stay as far away as possible from the sequel if I were you, since the single-player campaign of Halo 2 has one of the worst endings.

4. Metro 2033

Metro 2033

As a video game based on a popular Russian novel, Metro 2033’s story is one of the game’s strongest suits. In the post-apocalyptic game, you play as Artyom, a refugee who’s moving through a post-nuclear Russia’s metro system. Innovations come in the form of ammunition which not only allows you to kill mutants and hostile survivors, but it’s also a currency you can use to upgrade your arsenal. The game’s terrifying atmosphere, detailed environments and lack of HUD make Metro 2033 a unique shooter than any fan of the genre should check out.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 took the world by storm and revolutionized the genre in a way that most people hadn’t anticipated before its release. The game takes place in the year 2011 where a revolutionary leader assassinates the president of a Middle East country. This takes you on a worldwide journey where you’ll try to stop the ultra-nationalist movement from expanding and taking over the world. Although remembered for its fantastic multiplayer, the bombastic and impressive single-player campaign was easy to get into and hard to stop playing.

2. BioShock

BioShock 03

I almost included BioShock Infinite on this list, but the original BioShock was such a fantastic game, that I couldn’t help myself. Set in the 1960s, BioShock puts you in the shoes of a man named Jack who finds himself in an underwater utopia known as Rapture. Apparently, the discovery of a substance called ADAM destroyed the city, but the few survivors that roam the city have superpowers and they aren’t exactly friendly. The morality-based narrative, enemy design, immersive environments and creative gameplay make BioShock a fantastic first-person shooter that’s deceptively convoluted and always entertaining.

1. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 (Steam)

There’s a reason why millions of players are obsessed with Half-life 3 and that’s because its predecessor was one of the best of its kind. Set after the events of Half-Life, you play as mute character Gordon Freeman after he’s woken up by the mysterious G-man and the physicist finds himself trapped in a totalitarian city known as City 17. The pacing, variety of weapons and vehicles and memorable characters make Half-Life 2 one of the best games of all time.