1000 Tiny Claws Review

1000 Tiny Claws stands out for its colorful presentation, catchy music and engaging gameplay, but its high difficulty towards the end feels unnecessary.

Mediatonic has released several titles on the PlayStation Minis program and most of them have stood out for their colorful presentation, catchy music and engaging gameplay. 1000 Tiny Claws has all that, but it also has a ridiculously unfair difficulty towards the end feels unnecessary.

1000 Tiny Claws 01

Some levels become pretty hectic fast.

In 1000 Tiny Claws, you play as a female sword-wielding pirate that can swing her blade to hit enemies, perform combos, run, unleash a slow yet powerful attack, block, dodge, push crates and knock enemies off of platforms. This is a brawler where you need to defeat five waves of enemies as fast as you can using your sword and your nimble movements. The game uses an over the head perspective that’s convenient, since it does a great job of showing the enemies, as well as the layout of each level.

As you progress though the game, there are different enemies with new abilities: there are small monsters that are easy to slash, enemies that spit fire towards you, larger enemies that you should push over the edges and so on. There are also different worlds that follow a specific theme and while they don’t change the game in any meaningful way, at least you’re not looking at the same environments all the time. In terms of presentation, 1000 Tiny Swords must be one of the best PlayStation Minis available. There are colorful visuals, catchy tunes, engaging gameplay and there’s even voice acting (to be clear, the characters speak in gibberish, but this is still impressive for such a small game.)

The best part about the game is that levels are short and fun to play, the loading times are quite short, the mechanics are simple to understand, there’s high replayability and the boss battles are fun. In other words, this is the kind of game you start playing and you’ll find yourself hooked hours after starting. It’s worth mentioning that apart from the story mode, you can also access challenge, survival and booty (which features some unlockable such as secrets, credits and cutscenes.)

Once you've hit larger enemies enough times, you can ride them for a few seconds.

Once you’ve hit larger enemies enough times, you can ride them for a few seconds.

Sometimes you want to play something different, something that distracts you for a few minutes. If you’re looking for that, 1000 Tiny Claws might be your kind of game. This PlayStation Mini won’t win any awards for originality and I don’t think it’ll be on anyone’s “Game of the Year” lists, but if you’re looking for a short game you can play on your daily commute or something to play while you wait in the doctor’s office, 1000 Tiny Claws gets the job done.

Unfortunately, as a way of increasing the game’s difficulty towards the end of the game, you need to face dozens of enemies at the same time on smaller and smaller environments. Needless to say, this can be overwhelming. Instead of feeling more difficult or challenging, I found the game more frustrating as the minutes went by. Sometimes, it’s nigh impossible to dodge incoming attacks when there are several bugs attacking you at the same time, so what I was enjoying minutes ago, soon became an exercise of frustration and fury.

In conclusion, 1000 Tiny Claws is an entertaining game that’s best to consume on the go. It isn’t without some issues here and there, but if you want to play a title that’s entertaining and you can finish in one or two sittings, 1000 Tiny Claws is worth the few bucks that it costs.