Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Movie Review

Last Order is a fast-paced, violent and beautifully recreated take on some of the best scenes from Final Fantasy VII.

Created by Japanese animation studio Madhouse (The Animatrix, Texhnolyze, Claymore and Death Note, to name a few), The Last Order: Final Fantasy VII is a short prequel that serves as a re-imagining of two of the game’s most memorable flashbacks and features some of the characters from the beloved PlayStation JRPG, including Cloud, Sephiroth, Zach and Tifa, among others.

The Last Order - Final Fantasy VII Zach

Despite coming out in the mid 2000s as part of a special edition of Advent Children, this animated prequel looks stunning and on top of that, the voice acting is stellar (make sure you watch the Japanese version with subtitles.) This film looks so good, in fact, that I would to see the entire Final Fantasy VII storyline in anime form. Although the presentation looks terrific, this OVA takes some liberties with the stories and diehard fans of Final Fantasy series might not like this new direction.

To be clear, Last Order focuses on one of the most memorable cutscenes from the game, so if you haven’t played the seminal JRPG yet, make sure you change that before watching this short movie. Last Order is filled with spoilers that will definitely ruin some of the most important reveals and surprises of the game. Instead, I’d recommend this movie to people who played Final Fantasy VII and liked the story and would like to watch some of the most memorable scenes recreated as an anime.

Before making reference to the story, I just have to warn you that there are major spoilers in the description, so if you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII, make sure you skip the rest of this paragraph entirely. One of the storylines revolves around the time when Sephiroth is sent to explore the Mako reactor in the secluded town of Nibelheim and ends up burning the village after learning all the details about his past. People who played the game definitely remember that Tifa follows the antagonist and confronts him and a skirmish between Sephiroth, Cloud and Zach ensues. The final event shows both Zach and Cloud as they escape Shinra’s troops in an attempt to start a new life somewhere else.

The Last Order - Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth

In other words, Last Order is a colorful, fast-paced, violent and beautifully recreated take on some of the best scenes from the game. The only problem with this short film is that, well, it’s too short and the animation, voice acting, dialogue and interaction between the characters is so convincing that I wish Last Order was a miniseries and some fans might dislike this new direction. Nevertheless, as far as DVD extras go, Last Order: Final Fantasy VII is as good as it gets.