Top 5: More Games Like Dark Souls

Without realizing it, Japanese developer From Software revolutionized the action-RPG genre by crafting something refreshingly unique: the Souls series. So you like Dark Souls and you want to play something similar to the action role-playing game, but you feel like you don’t have that many options. Surprisingly, some developers have brought us fantastic games that have concepts and mechanics similar to those in From Software’s masterpiece, so you won’t have trouble sating your thirst for more of it. For those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s the original article. Note that for this list, I didn’t take into consideration Demon’s Souls and BloodBorne and of course, the first three Dark Souls, since they are all essentially part of the same series.


Nioh is basically Dark Souls , but set in feudal Japan instead of gothic castles. That said, there are a couple of elements that make it stand out above other action-RPGs such as the lack of a map, no checkpoints, losing experience after death, stamina bar management and bosses that encourage pattern recognition, among others.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen doesn’t hide about its inspirations and that’s amazing. The slow combat, gloomy setting, interconnected environments, trap-filled corridors, larger-than-life encounters and experience points that can only be retrieved once after dying are an important part of what make this game so engaging and those happen to be two of the most distinctive qualities of Dark Souls. You should take into account that Lords of the Fallen is more action-oriented than its direct inspiration

The Surge

Although it may sound reductive, The Surge is science-fiction Dark Souls. The developers of Lords of the Fallen also brought us The Surge, an action-RPG set in industrial environments. One of the new features come in the form of enemy weak points you can target to acquire, but all the other familiar elements are here: no map, interconnected environments, unforgiving encounters and if you fail to retrieve your experience points, you lose them forever.

Salt and Sanctuary

What if Dark Souls was a two-dimensional indie game? It would look a lot like Salt and Sanctuary, a platformer that takes a lot of concepts from Dark Souls and applies it to a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night formula. Like Dark Souls, this indie title offers different classes, a bleak atmosphere, an interconnected world and slow combat, so in more sense than one, this feels like a love letter to From Software’s role-playing game.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Although Dark Souls and Monster Hunter don’t seem like two franchises that could easily be compared, they have their share of similarities. In both games, managing stamina bars, health and weapons is a must. Although the mechanics in both games are completely different, the tactical pace of the combat and challenging bosses feel similar enough.

Other games like Dark Souls include: Hyper Light Drifter, Titan Souls and Darkmaus.