Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Coming to PS4

Square Enix announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the third title in the fighting game series, is coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2018. The three-on-three brawler, which features over 20 characters from the Final Fantasy franchise, is based on the arcade version that came out exclusively in Japan. The PlayStation 4 game will have Noctis from Final Fantasy XV exclusively.

The upcoming fighting game will be playable at E3 for those attending the convention and expect special exhibition matches between Echo Fox|Justin Wong and EG|K-Brad on June 13th at 15:15 PDT that will be part of the E3 Colisseum showcase. Both the arcade and console version will receive continuous support which means that the former will get new characters every now and then and those will be ported to the console later on.