10 of the Best Hack and Slash Games

Transformers Devastation Robots

There’s nothing as satisfying as a varied and entertaining action game where you can combine attacks to defeat minions and demons as gracefully as possible. Although hack-and-slash is a term that originated in the pen and paper role-playing game era (such as Dungeons and Dragons,) over the years the phrase …

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Top 10: Accessible Fighting Games

“Accessibility” and “fighting games” are two phrases that you don’t hear together very often. The genre has always been described as intimidating for newcomers and while there have been efforts to bridge the gap between veterans and beginners, you usually need to dedicate dozens if not hundreds of hours to …

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10 Lost References in Video Games

Just Cause 2 Lost Island from Plane

Despite having one of the most polarizing endings in the history of television, it’s impossible to deny the influence that American drama series Lost has had on popular culture. Lost started as a cult television show that quickly gained a mainstream audience and even though a significant part of that …

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Top 10: Podcast Games

One of my favorite past times is listening to podcasts. I usually listen to them on my daily commute, while I clean my room, before going to bed and when I wake up. But one of the problems with listening to podcasts is that you most people (myself included) find …

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