Top 5: The Best Trailers of 2011

Video game trailers usually make emphasis on the spectacle, a visually striking performance or technical prowess. Here’s a Top 5 that focuses on those trailers which effectively accomplish this, that doesn’t mean that the games included in the list eventually went on to become the best of the year. These …

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Top 5: Best LAN Games

A long time ago, when fast internet connections weren’t as popular as they are today, players use to gather with their computers and establish a local area network (also known as LAN,) so they could enjoy multiplayer games together. This practice allowed the creation of LAN parties and the practice …

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Top 5: Underrated Video Games

Okami ps3 hd

Many of the games featured in this list had everything to be considered the best, and even though most of them were universally praised by critics in general, they weren’t commercially successful. These are solid, fun and entertaining titles that never sold enough copies to get the success they deserved. …

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