PSP price gets cut to $129.99

Sony recently unveiled the Next Generation Portable, which includes many features like a dual-thumbstick, a touchscreen, a five-inch screen, two cameras, Wi-Fi support and more, so now it’s probably not the time to buy a PSP. In any case, and if you still want to buy one you’ll be really happy to know that the retail price is about to drop to $129.99. According to an official PlayStation Blog, you’ll be able to buy a PSP 3000 at that price starting this February 27. Additionally, all the “entertainment packs” will be $159.99. The device was previously $169.99 and has sold nearly 70 million units worldwide.

But that’s not all. The PSP Greatest Hits library will include these titles, which will be available with a special packaging at $19, 99:

–          Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines

–          Dissidia Final Fantasy

–          Little Big Planet

–          Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

–          Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

–          Resistence: Retribution

–          Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Also, the following titles will receive the “Favorites” treatment and will only cost $9.99:

–          Crisis Core

–          Daxter

–          Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

–          Killzone Liberation

–          Socom US Navy SEALS: Fire Team Bravo

–          Tomb Raider Anniversary

On the other hand, the PSP Go will continue to be sold at $199.99.