Top 5: Underrated Video Games

Okami ps3 hd

Many of the games featured in this list had everything to be considered the best, and even though most of them were universally praised by critics in general, they weren’t commercially successful. These are solid, fun and entertaining titles that never sold enough copies to get the success they deserved. As a consequence, many people lost jobs, many companies closed and many fans got extremely disappointed, but at least we have the chance to celebrate what they did.

5) Clive Barker’s Undying

clive barker's undying screenshotThis horror-themed first-person shooter was critically well-received, but sold so poorly that the plans for a multiplayer patch were quickly abandoned. Undying follows the adventure of an Irish paranormal adventurer called Patrick Galloway who studies the mysteries happening in the mansion of his friend Jeremiah Covenant. Clive Barker was consulted and he developed key parts of the plot and background story, as a result the game’s atmosphere was completely immersive and engaging. The gameplay added many features like puzzle solving, the possibility of combining spells and weapons and a unique setting, this particular mix resulted in one the best horror games of the last decade.

4) Okami

okami screenshotThis is simply one of the most influential games of the decade in terms of both gameplay and artwork. This game has everything: charming characters, engaging combats, a very original story and one of the greatest visual designs. Okami’s beautiful hand-drawn images and amazing brushstroke-like effects inspired modern classics like Street Fighter IV and Prince of Persia (the 2008 version). Its creative and innovative graphics were extremely revolutionary at the time of its released. As a consequence of its poor sales (the Wii version sold approximately 280.000 copies in both North America and Europe) its developer, called Clover studio, closed. Eventually, most of the staff reformed as Platinum Games releasing huge hits like Madworld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta and Vanquish. Now, a couple of years after its release Okami will finally have a direct sequel that has the potential to be as good as its predecessor.

3) Killer 7

killer 7 screenshotKiller 7 was everything but conventional as the game combined First-person shooter sequences with Rail-shooting action, something completely new and innovative. Unfortunately, many people really disliked the unintuitive use of the controls (especially the D pad), but the immersive and complex plot, its distinctive noir art-style and unique gameplay make this a highly engaging and entertaining title. Soon enough, Killer7 quickly became a cult game with limited appeal that only a few people enjoyed. The director of the game, Suda 51, eventually was able to go back to previous unreleased works and he was able to make No More Heroes which became more recognized and popular.

2) Ico

ico screenshotA young boy with a pair of horns rescues a fragile-looking maiden from an amazingly designed castle, and he leads her through a desolated land as he fights shadows with a stick/sword. The premise sounds simple but it was enough to create one of the most compelling plots in the history of video games, and it’s surprising that it didn’t sell well enough. If you want to evoke any kind of emotional experience look no further, this game represents a unique journey that’s almost impossible to describe.

1) Beyond Good & Evil

beyond good and evilUsually featured as the best game of 2003, Beyond Good & Evil combines great storytelling, charming characters and fun action sequences. The game’s high quality and incredible production value weren’t enough as the game sold poorly. Even when the game was critically acclaimed there was fierce competition coming from bigger names causing an over-saturation of the market. However, and as Beyond Good & Evil is still considered one of the greatest games ever released Ubisoft is actively working on a sequel.