E3 2011: Day 1 Sony Press Conference

Finally, the last of Monday’s press conferences is here and it happens to be one of the greatest ones. Sony discussed the future of the PlayStation 3 and additional details about the PlayStation Vita (I guess the rumors about the name were right after all) were provided. As usual here’s the full list of all major announcements and some extra information about what happened on the show floor:

At the beginning of the press conference everyone was wearing 3D glasses to see the shocking presentation. Right after that, Jack Tretton took the stage and made some references to the PlayStation Network hacking issues and he showed that the company was taking a very apologetic position. Then, he started discussing how the PlayStation 3 console is currently the most connected device and people can use it not only to play games, but also to access services like Music Unlimited, Netflix, Hulu Plus and MLB TV. Additionally, and really soon, people will have access to “Cinema Now” to watch various TV series and movies.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception:  developed by Naughty Dog this is simply one of the greatest games of the show. The single player demo was shown and it was amazing. The multiplayer demo will be available soon thanks to a deal with Subway (the sandwich maker). The game will have 3D support and it’ll come out in 11-1-11.

Resistance 3: developed by Insomniac the game has 3D and move support. The demo was brief but really good. A Resistance 3 Sharpshooter bundle was announced and it’ll include a copy of the game, the Sharpshooter controller, a PlayStation Eye and a PlayStation Move for only 150 u$s. It’ll be available in September 6th.

God of War Origins and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection: these HD collections will have 3D support. The former includes enhanced versions of the PSP games (Ghosts of Sparta and Chains of Olympus).

Also, Sony announced a much cheaper 3D TV bundle. It includes a 24 inch HD and 3D TV, a pair of PS3 glasses and an HDMI cable. Additionally, a copy of Resistance 3 will be included. It’ll cost 499 u$s.

NBA 2K12: present by 2K Sports and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers! The demo proved how the PlayStation Move can enhance the experience of playing the basketball game. It has 3D and move support.

Medieval Moves: another PlayStation Move game with 3D support, this one is from the creators of Sports Champions.

inFamous 2: Available today! It’ll allow users to create their own missions with the PS Move.

Little Big Planet 2: will be out this September and will have Move support.

Starhawk: the game is being developed by the Warhawk guys. An FMV was shown.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: Coming 2012!

Dust 514: is a FPS that connects directly to the Eve Online universe. The shooter is exclusive for the PS3 and it’ll have Move support. The open Beta will be available soon and the full game will come out in spring 2012.

Bioshock Infinite: a new gameplay video was shown. The original Bioshock will be included in the same Blu-ray disc. Furthermore, a new game set in the Bioshock universe is being developed for the PS Vita.

Saints Row The Third: the PS3 version will have an exclusive multiplayer mode. It’ll come out in November 3rd, 2011.

Star Trek: third person shooter based on J. J. Abrams’ interpretation of the Star Trek universe. It’ll have move support.


EA games

SSX: the PS3 version will have an exclusive level: Mount Fuji. Actual NASA satellite data was used to recreate the place.

Need for Speed: The Run: the PS3 version will have 7 exclusive cars.

Battlefield 3: it’ll include Battlefield 1943 on the same Blu-Ray disc.


Kaz Hirai announced the “PlayStation Suite”; this will allow playing PS games on other platforms that use Android or even on the recently released Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.


The NGP finally makes its appearance and it’s officially named: the PlayStation Vita. The handheld will have two analog sticks, two cameras, a touch pad, a microphone, a touch screen and Wi-Fi and 3g support. It’ll incorporate social networking and AT&T will offer an exclusive plan in the US. A new service called “Near” will also be available soon and it’ll allow players to connect and exchange certain data. This are the handheld’s games:

Uncharted 3: Golden Abyss: a live demo was shown. The game uses the Sixaxis controls, as well as the touch screen and touch pad.

Ruin: an action RPG like Torchlight, exactly like Torchlight… It’ll have twitter and Facebook support and the save data is compatible for both Vita and PS3.

Modnation Racers:  players will be able to race (of course) and create tracks using the touch pad and touch screen. The editor is complex but the touch controls make them much simpler, all the terrains can be edited and modified. The time of the day can also be changed. Owners of this version will be able to import tracks and racers from the PS3 version.

Little Big Planet: is coming to the PS Vita really soon!

Street Fighter X Tekken: will arrive to the Vita really soon. Additionally, the main character of infamous, named Cole, will be in the game.

Finally, the most important details: the price. The Wi-Fi only Vita will be available for 249u$s or 249 euros, and the Wi-Fi + 3G version will cost 299 u$s and 299 euros in Europe.

The PlayStation Press Conference is now officially over!