L.A. Noire Coming to PC This Fall

Though there was a time when L.A. Noire was exclusively announced for the PlayStation 3, it eventually came out on the Xbox 360 as well. Now, Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the open-world noir-style game will have a PC release in both boxed and digital formats. Still, Rockstar hasn’t said if the DLC recently released for the console versions will be available in the package, or players will have to download it separately. It should be noted that the critically acclaimed game sold almost a million copies domestically on both consoles and shipped four million units.

Even though the original version of the game was developed by Australian independent third-party studio Team Bondi, the PC version will be ported by Rockstar Leeds. Furthermore, Rockstar Games referred to the game from a more technical perspective stating that it “will run on a wide range of PCs”, it’ll support both keyboard and gamepads and that this edition will come with 3D graphics, something that the console versions didn’t have.

For those of you who couldn’t play it yet L.A. Noire takes place in 1947 Los Angeles, a very corrupted and violent place. The player assumes the role of Police Officer Cole Phelps who has to solve various murders and criminal offences like arson or corruption. What’s really innovative about the game is that it mixes elements such as crime solving (usually seen in some graphic adventures) with some action-oriented sequences.

Moreover, the game became extremely popular and praised for its facial technology (called MotionScan) which captured the facial expressions of real-life actors from different angles, creating much more authentic and convincing performances. The use of this technology comes extremely handy when the player has to question some of the characters to determine if they are lying or not, something that would have been impossible to do in a video game a few years ago.