Sega Pass Hacked, 1.3 Million Accounts Compromised

SEGA confirmed some news reports about hackers compromising the company’s database. As a consequence, the data of approximately 1.3 million users has been exposed by a hacking attack. It is said that the names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and even some encrypted passwords of Sega Pass online users have been affected. Even when credit card numbers and other more important data are safe, the service has still been temporarily closed down. Nothing was said about when the service would be completely restored.


Additionally, there’s an official message posted on the Sega Pass website stating, among other things, that: “we had identified that unauthorised entry was gained to our SEGA Pass database. We have also reset your password and all access to SEGA Pass has been suspended. Therefore please do not attempt to login to SEGA Pass at present, we will communicate when the service becomes available”.

As most people probably now many similar services have been recently hacked. The most important one (and the most serious) was probably the PlayStation Network, which compromised more than 55 million users. At the moment, Sega’s position is apologetic, but this is what most companies do after a situation like this one. What’s also really interesting is that a well-known hacker group called Lulz Security has offered Sega their help through Twitter. This is more than unexpected, and even though I’m no expert I don’t think Sega will be calling them any time soon…