Black Ops Annihilation DLC Hits PS3 and PC July 28

As most of you probably know, Microsoft recently renewed an exclusivity deal with Activision, allowing the former to publish map packs on their console before any other company. Fortunately, PC and PS3 owners who were patient enough will also be able to get the Annihilation map pack soon.

Activision has recently announced that the $15 map pack will be available for PC and PS3 owners on July 28.  The pack (formerly known as the Retaliation Map Pack) contains four new multiplayer maps and a zombie level.

The DLC features: Hangar 18, which takes place in Area 51 and has many details that make references to various conspiracy theories. Silo, is based on a Russian nuclear missile construction site and also happens to be one of the biggest maps in the game. Drive-In, is the smallest map in the pack. Finally, Hazard is very similar to World at War map “Cliffside” and also features a golf-course.

Furthermore, the ancient ruins/zombie level is called Shangri-La and it has been described as a “mysterious place”. It should be noted that an official trailer showing all the included maps has also been released.