Limbo Is Coming to the PlayStation 3 and PC

Limbo is a puzzle platform video game developed by an independent Danish company called Playdead and recent news tell us that the once Xbox Live Arcade exclusive game is finally coming out for the PS3 and PC really soon. The game seems to be set for release on other platforms, as the Korean rating boards recently rated the PlayStation Network version.

Furthermore, there were many rumors about Limbo coming to platforms other than the Xbox 360 and the addition of the game to the PSN ratings would indicate that the game is finally going to come out on the PlayStation 3 as well. Moreover, it is said that Playdead has been working on a new title. The game is yet to be announced, but various sources suggest that this is going to be a new intellectual property.

Limbo received universal acclaim and for many, the game is one of the best of 2010. It was praised by its minimalist approach, right length, independent vibe, puzzle design, the simplicity of its gameplay and was seen as an impactful experience. Limbo’s presentation is also incredible as it incorporated a pretty unique film-noir style and the sound effects contributed to the game’s tone. The fact that the game will soon come out on other platforms is great news for PC and PS3 owners.