Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition Revealed

Both Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops were released in three different versions: the regular $60 edition, an $80 Hardened edition and the $150 Prestige edition. Apparently, this trend isn’t going away any time soon, as Infinity Ward creative strategy Robert Bowling revealed an image of the Hardened Edition of the upcoming first-person shooter via twitter.

He also said: “First look at the #MW3 Hardened Edition, literally on the factory line. Details on it coming at Call of Duty XP!


Here’s the aforementioned picture:

As most of you probably know, Call of Duty XP is a two-day event for Call of Duty fans that will take place in Los Angeles, California in September. Tickets are currently on sale for about $150 and it’s really nice to know that all the money received will go to charity. Many journalists have compared the event to QuakeCon and BlizzCon as these conventions help companies celebrate their franchises and promote their upcoming games in a similar way.

Additionally, it should be noted that all previous Hardened Editions were available for $80, so fans of the series should expect to pay the same price for this one. These featured a steelbook casing, additional maps, special outfits and an art-book. Activision didn’t responded to the press yet and don’t expect anything from them until CoD XP takes place.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November for the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.