Will Windows 8 Be Able to Run Xbox 360 Games?

Lately, there have been many rumors and speculations suggesting that Windows 8 users will be able to play Xbox 360 games. The main source of this statement is probably Teknylate, though there’s nothing confirmed yet. In any way, and even though I only mention that site, the rumor has been circulating for a while and there are many similar stories in other web pages. One of the most significant ones says that Windows 8 PCs will add Xbox 360 functionality through an Xbox Live-like subscription-based service.

Additionally, rumors say that cross-platform play will probably not be featured as PC users, which usually use mouse and keyboards, will always have an unfair advantage over Xbox 360 users who use regular gamepads. Cross-platform multiplayer gaming was suggested in 2007 when Windows Vista first came out and even though some titles implemented (read: Shadowrun), it never actually worked as it was supposed to.

So, if these rumors are to be believed, many players could start using the feature, especially those who have a powerful computer at home and wouldn’t want to invest in a $200 console. Hopefully, soon we’ll have more information about the topic. Apart from this, we have to take into account that Microsoft is expected to present the Xbox 360’s successor in E3 2012.