Battlefield 3 and Theme Park Coming to iOS

According to Pocket Gamer, Electronic Arts is going to release two new games for iOS systems: Theme Park (a resource management title) and an adaptation of DICE’S Battlefield 3.

There aren’t many details about the titles yet, but it’s said that the publisher will directly refer to these games at Gamescom 2011 (which will take place in Cologne, Germany next week,) by then, we’ll probably hear more news about them. The fair it’s used by many popular publishers to show their upcoming important releases and new hardware. It should be taken into account that EA hasn’t talked to the press about the topic yet.

The fact that Battlefield 3 is going to be released on iOS systems isn’t really a surprise, as its prequel (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) also came out for Apple devices. The game featured both single-player and multiplayer campaigns.

On the other hand, the original Theme Park was developed by Bullfrog Productions in 1994, and it’s widely popular. The game has been ported to several consoles such as: the Nintendo DS, the PlayStation 3, the Super NES, the SEGA Megadrive, the PlayStation, the Amiga and many more. The simulation title allowed players to design and operate various theme parks. For many, this is considered one of the best management games ever created, so they are eagerly waiting for the iOS version.