Battlefield 3 Preorders Through Origin Will Get Free PC Game

Recently, EA has been indirectly forcing players to use their new online service Origin and it has been confirmed that those who buy a retail version of the game will still need an account. Also, an early report indicates that those players who preorder DICE’s upcoming military shooter Battlefield 3 through Electronic Art’s new virtual store will get a PC game for free. Another important bonus for those who decide to preorder the game through the recently launched service is that they’ll be able to get access to Battlefield 3’s beta.

An e-mail has been sent to Ars Technica explaining that Origin users who preorder Battlefield 3 will get a free PC game. The downloadable titles include Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor. The site claims that this offer will expire at the end of this month.

This is the e-mail taken directly from the aforementioned website:

“As a special thank you for pre-ordering Battlefield 3 early at Origin, we’re offering you a bonus PC digital download game. Please apply the code below at the shopping cart to redeem one PC Digital version of one of our recommended shooter titles: Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2 or Medal of Honor. The price will be reduced to $0 after applying the code at your shopping cart. Hurry—this offer is only good for the month of August, and is exclusive to Origin customers only. See below for more details”.

Origin doesn’t say anything about this offer yet and EA has refused to talk to most members of the press.

Battlefield 3 will have a single and a multiplayer campaign. The latter supports up to 64 players online (on the PC), coop and players can control various vehicles.

This article has been also confirmed on Gamespot.