Driver: San Francisco Will Require a Constant Internet Connection

Ubisoft recently announced that Driver San Francisco, one of the company’s biggest titles, will be delayed until September 6. This only affects the game’s release in North America, so fortunately for those people who live in other territories the release dates haven’t been affected. Also, the publisher explained via twitter that: “The delay has to do with shipping considerations and getting the best exposure in NA, not production of the game ;)”

Additionally, the same Twitter account officially confirmed that the sandbox-style driving game will be adding a DRM policy that requires a permanent internet connection, even for the single-player campaign. For the past months the company has had a really controversial strategy when incorporating this kind of policies, especially after players have indicated that they weren’t able to play legitimate versions of their games (like in the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II.)

Driver: San Francisco will be released for the PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo 3DS. Furthermore, a separate Wii version is also being developed, but this won’t include certain features. Allegedly, the game will have more than 100 vehicles, the main character (Tanner) will be able to use Shift, allowing players to pause the action to exchange vehicles.

Preliminary versions of the game have been received quite well by critics. Let’s just hope that the fact that Driver’s newest iteration requires a constant internet connection isn’t a serious restriction.